Energy Blocks

The feeling of being blocked, not being able to move forward, to think that everything is and will always be blocked, that fate is always against us, it’s a feeling that almost everybody have felt in life. 

The reason why this happens has nothing to do with our ability, intelligence or bad luck, actually everything is due to the Energy Blocks.

Our society imposes on us a vision of life based only on material success and then on appearance; we take into account only the physical / material aspect neglecting other parts of us. We are unaccustomed to listening to ourselves, we no longer feel the actual sensations that our etheric system constantly emits. The world keeps telling us that everything we perceive beyond the five senses is pure fantasy.

Over the centuries, human beings have lost knowledge of transcendental reality because science and religion have never been able to cooperate with each other, creating a constantdualitybetween spirit and matter. This split led to a sharp division between what is visible and what is not.

It is as if everything that keeps us alive (cosmic energy) is removed from our memory as a preset program: this is the energy block.

Our energies are no longer in tune with the nature, that is divided as we all know in the four elements (fire, water, air, earth), but are they four? NO. The fifth element is what the human being has forgotten, and is the essential element for the livelihood of the whole universe, the ether. The material block and consequently the etheric one derives from the psychological imposition, since deliberately or forcibly the fifth element was forgotten, the connection with what one might call “cosmic essence” is abruptly interrupted.

The road to regain possession of this key element is difficult. Are you willing to discover your ethereal essence?

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