Ignorance – Misinterpretation of reality


The human conception is altered by the veil of what is called ignorance. (From the Latin ignorance that means not to know, literally “lack of knowledge”). The ignorance does not allow the vision and understanding of the real substance, but only a distorted view of the shape. By filtering reality through subjective lens, altered from their experiences and dictated by the historical period in which they live.

People look at the appearances like the prisoners of the Myth of the Cave of Plato scrutinizing the shadows, declaring that the absolute truth lies in the surface. In the reflection they see and they presume to find what they call truth. Obviously, those “truths” change according to the place of birth, influenced by culture, politics, religion, ideologies, etc. These preconceptions most of the time are blindly accepted without any analysis, study or test. This way only the precast shapes of the place where they were born, will acquire for them the semblance of the truth and unconsciously will lay upon them in the form of a creed, a nationality, a certain political thought, moral etc.

Preconceived notions 

Ignoring the principles triggers that causes distorted vision, means to never being aware of the prejudices imposed by society to all of us from an early age. This creates what we might define: willful ignorance. Human beings by nature tend to absorb in their life all that is taught from childhood. A famous Jesuit motto says: << Give me a child in the first seven years of life, and I will show you the man. >>. More innocent and unaware the territory is available during education, preconceptions will be accepted and quickly integrated; however, the more we advance with age, the more skeptical we become. The experience accumulated over the years begins to help in the discernment of the false from the truth. Unfortunately, this happens lately in very few cases, at least for what regards the cultural-religious imposition. 


In order to “defeat” the ignorance, the intelligence alone is not enough; there are people with an enviable intelligence, who are still victims of mental manipulation by their culture or religion. The first step to defeat the ignorance is the awareness that not everything that we were told-taught is true or founded; because certain rules, precepts, laws etc. were created to foster a tiny part of the population (usually that slice of the population that holds the power and that never does what he asks people to do).

Who casts the shadows on the walls (beliefs, unjust laws, religions etc.) knows what he is doing, the only way out of the cave is to be aware of being inside.

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