The Compassion

The compassion from greek συμπἀθεια, ( sym patheia  – “sympathy”, feel emotions with ..) is a feeling of affection and sharing the suffering (which ever it is) of others or trying desperately with passion to feel and experience the sensations of other person under the false pretext to aid.

It is an action of the self-need, certainly not directed to the other. The compassion has been elevated to a higher degree of what in fact is. It is manipulated by various sources for their own use to the detriment of the population. There is NO reason to feel compassion, other than to have an extreeme egotism. Instead of the willingness to share your joy with another person, you enjoy to share their suffering and thinking wrongly to bring solace.

It is the epitome of narcissism. This can be seen every day on our streets where compassion leads to the total lack of human dignity. There is no action in sympathy, but simply a desire to have a clean conscience in complete inaction.

The word empathy comes from the ancient greek “εμπαθεία” (empatéia the term consists of en- “inside”, and pathos- “the feeling or to feel”), is the ability to synchronize your energy with the other person, by sharing their deepest emotions, by feeling everything that the other perceives and managing to turn these feelings into comprehensible emotions. It is a profound insight of the essence of the other person.

Empathy is the universal essence that creates a special channel, a cosmic wire between two human beings, where only the empathetic person can actually get through. True empathy is not the sharing of the suffering, but the total comprehension of the others energy and the ability to recalibrate their essence.

The empathic is by nature a healer or medicine woman/man, the one that in our culture no longer exist, since supplanted by the various beliefs. The empathetic person task is sharing its etheric energy for the rebalancing of the person that is helping.

Compassion cannot be confused with empathy because one kills the dignity, while the other rise it up.

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