“Positive-Negative” or: the Free Will

The principle of creation contemplates life in all its aspects even in those considered wrong in the eyes of human beings. Nature in its primary aspect is free from free will, because it follows the “will” and the vibrations of universal nature.

The free will in reality is: “To attribute to anybody/anything the principle of the negativity or positivity.”

The attribution of negativity or positivity coincides with a specific historical moment, in which the vibrations emanating from the human race of that period lead to the creation of the general thought of peoples. The thought filtered by duality will therefore be considered good or bad depending on the customs of the time.

Laws – Historical Examples.

1) In the past the woman was an accessory of the head of the family (father or husband). In the Family Code of 1865 women did not have the right to exercise the protection of legitimate children, nor the right to be admitted to public offices or to have economic or civil rights. Only in 1975 family law was finally reformed, guaranteeing legal and economic equality.

2) In classical antiquity the child was considered not a being with a value in itself, but a crippled with lack of intellect. Childhood was considered to be an imperfect impure age and for this reason, it was the object of vexatious and abusive authoritarianism”.
In these historical periods, the newborn became part of the human race only following rituals that marked the “social birth”. The imposition of the name by the father, who welcomed the child in the family community, had a significant social relevance. The period prior to these ceremonies was particularly significant for the survival of the newborn, as during this time the father could sentence him to death without incurring in any penalty. Only in 1924, the Declaration of the Rights of the Child was finally approved in Geneve.

Today these laws seem to us (and are) barbaric, but they are part of the duality that tends to separate, separate and distort. Patriarchy is a striking example of these abuses, which still continue in different parts of the world. The consideration that all these abuses (and many others) were positive and accepted as laws, derives from the evolutionary current that was taking place.


We could therefore say that the negative or positive form is a human privilege, which allows us to choose and pushes towards the selection of one or the other principle. It is the instrument of evolution of the human being.

Vibrations travel on different frequencies, some higher, others lower. We can call the higher positive frequencies, while the lower ones, negative.

The more the vibration emitted pushes down, the more the so-called negativity increases; therefore  if the vibration pushes upwards, it will be the positivity that will expand, while in contrast moving downwards will bring us closer to “hell”, and moving upwards, will bring us closer to “paradise”. The union of both (positive-negative) in the understanding of the various vibrations will consequently lead us to the creative principle : ”The Universal principle.”

The Creative-Universal Principle

The creative-universal principle is  absolute, in the Latin sense of the term, freed from all constraints in all its aspects (good, bad, right, unjust, etc.). If the human being succeeds in absorbing both principles, he will therefore be free from duality. In order to make this happen, it is necessary first to conceive what the negativity really is.

Negativity: A necessary tool for evolution

If we took into consideration the negative principle in its real form, which is the thrust or wheel that drives the evolutionary motor, we will see a very different result, since it would no longer be used as a destructive force but conceived and used in its true form:  the regenerating actions of the universal motor. Negative anecdotes about women and children are an indisputable example of how society changes laws and customs over time,after having experienced violence and abuse in the world. Being aware of the negative principle in all its mental aspects, it will be eliminated in the material form, since it is no longer useful for human growth. When understood, we would no longer need to experience negativity on the material level, but simply to comprehend the structural principle . We will thus understand that its fundamental principle is the force of creative-evolutionary propulsion, there is in fact an understanding at that point of what is right without an unjust counterpart.


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