The Collective Dream

And so it has been. Millennia of humanity’s collective dream state. Nightmares and Nirvana’s. Separation and suffering. Unity and celebration. We have dreamed the destruction of our own Mother and mass killings of our brothers and sisters. We have dreamed away the extinction of species we called into experience and forgot to hold in our hearts. We have dreamed the greatest love stories and miraculous healings. Sages and Masters. We have imagined an infinite number of faces and names for God and Goddess as well as Demons and Devils. Heroes and Heroines, Enemies and Villains…

We have created dreams inside dreams inside dreams. Played in all of the illusions that could be dreamed. We have swam in the light and wailed in the darkness and wandered in the gray fogs of a third dimensional reality.
And now the dreamers, stirring in their sleep, feeling the chaos of billions of dreams colliding, tossing and turning in their sweat and tears (of joy and pain), begin to feel the alarm in their chakras sounding that the prologue is wrapping up…..

With hearts pounding and breaths heaving, they suddenly ascend from their earthly slumber only to realize there was ever only One playing in all of the realms and divisions of Infinite Possibility… Turning the page to begin Chapter 1, aptly titled ‘And Then They Woke Up!’

There is no religion higher than Truth. Love is the only Truth. An it harm none, do as thou wilt. Love is the law. What shall YOU choose?

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