Energy Coaching is a process of self-formation, a method to use and manage one’s energy resources. It differs from the various forms of psychological help because it does not simply work on the single psychic aspect but integrates the work starting from the physical to the mental well-being, to then touch the most important of all, that is the spiritual / energetic one.

Energy coaching aides individuals in identifying what is important, by implementing a new processes that enable a shift in perspective and an expansion of choices.  A simple procedure, used to remove the identified blockages, brings about a change in mindset.
Then it is time to answer the questions that truly matter:
“What do you desire instead?”
“What do you want to add, change or improve in your life?”
Shifts in energy, in thinking, in feeling, or simply in being can make a dramatic change that instantly propels individuals into a forward motion towards their path.

The sessions will help you be what you really are: Universal Light. No longer someone who needs help, but finally a whole, complete being who knows how to manage his own life.