Seek Wisdom

The blog is aimed at all those people who are searching for their “true” essence. The site is not intended to be an easy refuge for those seeking an immediate way out. Knowledge happens only through ourselves. There is no savior, much less a pastor, all those who tell you otherwise are simply usurpers of your spiritual and temporal energy.

The history of the human being is full of constraints, manipulations and usurpations perpetuated by religions and politics. It’s time to wake up. The ultimate goal of the shepard is to kill the sheeps.

Nothing here is religious, we do not agree with their work, we are not looking for followers or sheeps to be led to the slaughter.

The wind of change will blow on the fires of the past, creating a New Era from the ashes, giving back to the human being his lost dignity in the depths of religious madness. We regain what is rightfully ours, being reborn for the fifth time and this time … triumphant.

Umay Inanna